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Real Estate Investment Services

Golden Hand Inc, values long-term National and International Investments into all realms of U.S. real estate development. Golden Hand Inc. stands as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private real estate investment firms and provides all you need to connect with the NY/US market. Our top-ranking annual retail sales and an exceptional reputation for the construction and management of shopping centers, retail, multifamily, leasing & management has been strong for decades. However, these accomplishments are only half of the picture—since real-time marketing and superb salesmanship add to buyer relationships, everyone involved can expect more.

About our CEO, Grandmaster Jhong Uhk Kim

Bio_Photo-150x150Born in Korea, Master Kim migrated to the United States in 1975 seeking the “American Dream.” He brought with him a knowledge of business and the ancient martial arts to this modern “land of opportunity.” He adapted quickly to the American culture and honed his intellect by obtaining a Bachelors and Masters degree in science and became associate professor at Long Island University, John Jay College, Kingsboro Community College, and The College of Staten Island.

Master Kim’s Business Endeavors

Master Kim’s formula of success is based on hard work, prioritizing his objectives, and promoting his businesses through skilled public relations. His three areas of focus are The Martial Arts, Real Estate Development and Restaurant Management.

Recent Projects


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